i feel your pain for finals! Best of luck! :D
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haha yeah it sucks! and aw thanks you too :)

Soo how are you?! :)
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umm i doing kindy shitty tbh stressed out with college and finals unfortunately. Sooo tell me about yourself?


My photo, my edit.  The Story So Far @ El Corazon, Seattle 11/2/13

Pierce The Veil - Hold On Till May
It's not more than that. I've been there. Living in emptiness, lacking yourself, lacking joy, feeling that something ain't great even though everything is, feeling that right now you should've been happy, afraid of my self. No way out. Can't kill myself, there's no solution to that, I'll just fuck up for the people around me. But what should I do then? live like this? What is good? What is the good? These questions. No one to answer. It's so fucking painful not knowing how to live..
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I agree with you but i don’t feel comfortable talking about this or my life.

"I’m damaged and alone. Everything I touch turns to shit."
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Blink-182 graffiti in Managua, Nicaragua (2012)



this was too fucking amazing to not reblog, so I made it black and white.


The Amity Affliction || Pittsburgh